Toyota Safari Extended Land Cruiser, Self Drive Kenya

Toyota Land Cruiser Extended 7-8 seater with Pop Up Roof: Self drive Kenya offers 4×4 Land cruisers for wildlife safaris in Kenya from as low as $180.

Pop up roof land cruiserThe 4×4 Toyota Extended safari land cruiser is still the best ever vehicle, suitable for harsh African terrain that has proven a test of its quality and durability.

It is the most famous luxurious Land cruiser 4×4 rental car that’s ideal for game viewing, and can comfortably carry from 2-8 people including the driver.

The 7-8 seater Toyota Extended safari Land cruiser features 2 spare tires, lift Jack, a fridge, charges sockets, Air conditioned and with a pop up roof  to allow for better game-viewing, photographic opportunities and comfort.

The reason for using the extended safari Land Cruisers boils down to reliability. The suspension, transmission and engine are built to last for a lifetime, and are best suited to, extreme conditions, which is exactly what these vehicles endure.

The combination of simplicity, gear ratios, coil spring suspension and a never-die straight cylinder engine makes it the best vehicle to have in rough terrain.

The 4×4 vehicle comes with a professional driver guide inclusive on the rate from as low as $180. It can sustain the rocky and rough terrain and get guests up close to wherever they want to reach.

Toyota Extended land Cruisers are very ideal for off-road machines, which over time gain the owners’ trust and confidence by carrying out their duty without breaking down when the going gets tough

Toyota Extended Land cruiser specification

Safari Land Cruiser seats 7 people, and has Manual Transmission, Engine/Fuel: 1HZ Diesel engine, 4200 cc and 4500cc, Unlimited mileage,  Raised suspension, wide space enough for luggage and passengers, and comes with a driver guide.

Why Rent a Toyota Extended Safari Land Cruiser?

Toyota Extended Safari Land cruisers has for along time been proved for long distance travels, extensively designed for off the beaten road trips. It offers a rugged bas from which to create bespoke styles of African safaris memorable.

The 4×4 vehicles obtain is reliable and strong enough for park safaris, camping trips, filming, photography, projects as well as long distance travels and multi country expeditions.

It also offers enough space which is ideal enough to carry upto 7 pax, while the extended version carries up to 9 passengers or even 10 and also allows for free movements within the car especially during the capturing moments.

The Land cruisers also contain large windows for better wildlife viewing, Photography & filming. On the other hand, there also power sockets, for easy charging of accessories including cameras, phone batteries or rechargeable torches.