Mount Kenya National Park 4×4 Car Rental W/Driver

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Mount Kenya National Park was established  to protect Mount Kenya like the case of Mount Elgon National Park the wildlife and surrounding environment, which forms a habitat for wild animals, as well as acting as an area for the catchment of water, to supply Kenya’s water.

The national park has an area of 715 square kilometers (276 sq mi), most of which is above the 3,000-metre (9,800 ft) contour line. The forest reserve has an area of 705 square kilometers (272 sq mi). Combined, this makes the area of the UNESCO World Heritage Site 1,420 square kilometers (548 sq mi).

Volcanic sediment in the surrounding region’s soil and the huge volume of freshwater coming down the slopes makes the area particularly favorable for agriculture.

Available Fleets for Rental-Mount Meru National Park

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