Car Rental in Kenya for Self drive

January 24, 2022 By Car hire Comments Off

Kenya roads have been upgraded recently in order to improve the transport means and easier the service to the country. Roads entering to several national parks have been working on for the tourist to travel in good roads

It’s your turn to rent a car on self-drive and enjoy your vacation. there are various car rental companies in Kenya but very few offers car rental for self-drive. travellers across the world prefer self-drive because its cheaper for them and are the experts in self-drive car rental

The best of car rental on the self-drive is the clients move freely without the pressure of the guide/driver. Self-drive is very possible in Kenya but the only challenge mostly affected by the majority are Kenya roads have too much traffic on the road meaning the road signs and the documents requirements prohibit some of the travellers

The best way to drive in Kenya without being disturbed on the road you need the following

1. Valid driving licenses

It’s a must for every person driving in a different country to have a valid driving license, probably the best permit is an international driving permit. this is a legal document you need in every country you travel to in case you want a car for self-drive especially for foreigners but the local people you can use the local driving permit Authorised by the local authority responsible for national permits

2. Valid Passport and Passport

All travellers on car rental for self-drive are advised to move with the Visa beside the passport, all tourists travelling in Kenya on a self-drive and car with Kenya, if you want to get a visa you can get it on the website or you can get it at any entry of Kenya on arrival at $100 for east African, Visa indicates you that your in-country by legal not by default, and its the one asked most when your in Kenya its advisable to travel with east African visa because you may want to travel to other countries in East African and it because easy to cross the border to another country

Before planning to travel to another country you need to have a viable passport, viable passport helps you to be identified since most of the tourists who rent cars for self-drive don’t have National Identity cards. this is one of the travel documents that are simple to be present to immigration officers

3. Car agreement with the company you rent a car from

The car agreement is normally between two parties that show they came to a conclusion between the car owner “Company rating your car” and the person renting a car. the contract letter to be valid needs to be signed and should indicate the full names of all parties.

The contract agreement indicates the number of days the car is to be hired, the starting date and ending date plus the amount of money paid per has all terms and conditions for driving, fuel, insurance, and mechanical and

4. Travel maps for the country

when you are new in the country and you are on self-drive not easy to identify which route to take because you’re a foreigner to that country, travel maps help you to identify which route to take where to end and the best direction you wish to travel. this is one of the items most traveller likes to ignore yet it’s very important. In case you want car rental on self-drive you can ask the trip organizer to bring it with a car

Travel maps. This is one thing that is always ignored by most travellers yet it is very important. Travellers on self-drive safaris drive to strange areas they have no knowledge about, so the best directions they could get is from a travel map, to be able to reach out to different destinations of their desire.

Car rental for self-drive in Kenya with the above documents it becomes easy for you to have a safe drive through Kenya without having any challenge maybe the mechanical part which is always solved by our mechanics