Car Rental With Rooftop tent In Kenya

Car rental with rooftop tent in Kenya. Self drive Kenya Offer offers 4×4 Land Cruisers With Rooftop Tents in Kenya. We offer  Land Cruiser LX with Rooftop tent(s), Land Cruiser Hardtop with Rooftop Tent, Land Cruiser V8 with Rooftop tent(s) for self drive safaris From Kenya to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda .We provide single, double and family rooftop tents, from 2 to 4 passengers including all the camping gear you need for your self drive camping road trip safari.

Land Cruiser LX With Rooftop Tent

The rooftop tents for hire in Kenya on offer has built-in foam mattresses attached on a flat surface to sleep on, with proper ventilation to ensure, proper relaxation and comfort for a good night’s sleep in any campsite at any corner of East Africa.

4×4 Land cruiser car rental with rooftop tents Kenya is ideal for self drive safari to Masai Mara National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Nairobi National Park, Aberdare National Park, Lake Naivasha National Park, Amboseli national Park, Mombasa, and kisumu.


The rooftop tents are easy to set up above the car, which ensures safety-away from the wild animals, small creatures that crawl on the ground at night

Self drive Kenya offers various land cruisers with either a single or double rooftop tents-each accommodating two passengers, including Land cruiser LX with double rooftop tent, Land cruiser 78 series with a double rooftop tent;  Land cruiser GX with double rooftop tent; Land cruiser v8 with a single rooftop tent; land cruiser hard top with one rooftop tent;  Renting a land cruiser with a rooftop tent in Kenya could make your trip a more pleasant one.

All the Rooftop land cruisers have different grading and it comes with a different budget for travelers to enjoy a Self-drive trip along with the Lake Victoria that is shared by Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania neighboring various National parks like Masai Mara in Kenya, Serengeti in Tanzania and Bwindi impenetrable national park for exceptional Mountain gorilla trekking in the Pearl of Africa.

Grading of Roof Top Tents-Rooftop tent.

Grade 1: This includes Toyota Land cruiser Prado that always comes with one rooftop tent, the car is having the engineering capacity of 3400cc, Working Ac, 4×4 but not strong enough to have long rental like monthly or 3 Months trip but available in Uganda, Tanzania & Kenya. it is the model from 1999 to 2002. Recommended Tent Size is 90cmx 24cm, Weight is 62 kg perfectly fit for the Toyota LandCruiser. perfectly fit for single Self Drive Travelers 

Grade 2: Rooftop Tent for GX, Toyota LandCruiser that has heavy-duty Shocks that can carry heavyweight compared to the previous car Prado. Toyota Landcruiser Gx is manual, Engineer capacity is 4600cc, Recommended tent for couple travelers is Size 1.6m x 2.4m, Weight 65kg

Grade 3: Family Roof Top Tent that is recommended for Vx, v8 and Landcruiser lx 98 Series that is perfectly the right jeep for self-drive adventure for long term hire in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania. The Family Tent
2.0m x 2.4m, Weight, 86kg
ExploreEast African national Parks with luxury camping style on family Vacation with Gorilla Trekking in either Uganda or Rwanda or Congo though our sister companies including 4×4 self drive Uganda, 4×4 car rental Burundi, Self drive Rwanda.

LX Land Cruiser with 1 Rooftop Tent

Book a Toyota Land cruiser LX with single(1) Rooftop tent and Camping gear for self drive safari not only in Kenya, but Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania

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LX Land Cruiser With 2 Rooftop Tents

Planning a self drive Safari in Kenya as a group 4 pax, then, get the best deal from us to explore

with toyota land cruiser LX with 2 or Double Roof top Tent for 4 persons .Reserving Car

V8 Land Cruiser With 1 Rooftop Tent

Land Cruiser V8 with 1 rooftop tent

Book an automatic Toyota land cruiser V8  for 2 pax to for Self drive holiday tailored by experts in Rooftop Tent Car Hire . Select one way rental from Uganda to Kenya to Tanzania, RwandaReserving Car

Nissan Patrol

Land cruiser 78 series-rooftop tentNissan patrol lovers also have choice when it comes to self drive car with Rooftop tent for an adventure in Rwanda , known for gorilla trekking  in volcanoes from US$ 130/ day.
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Toyota Land Cruiser

Land cruiser old model-rooftop tentYoung road trippers are also provided for with this landcruiser prado that is an old model and ordinary with RoofTop , Camping in the wild of Kidepo valley Uganda from 85 $/day
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Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota land Cruiser with rooftop tent-rooftop tentGet the best self drive trip on family holiday in East Africa with family rooftop tent on v8 landcruiser the luxury jeep in Kenya to visit Masai Mara from USD 160/ Day.
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Special Rooftop Tent Jeeps for long term Rental

Planning to travel the entire east Africa on long term holiday starting in Kenya or Uganda? Self-drive Kenya offers the most deals for long term rental in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania & Kenya with extension to Burundi from known experts in Car hire to explore Wildlife, primates for gorilla trekking. Contact us