Car Rental Kenya With Camping Gear/Equipment

Camping Gear In Kenya: Self drive Kenya offers a full set of camping gear/equipment including Rooftop tents,  camping Utensils, gas, cutlery, camping chairs and tables, sleeping bags, water tank, cooking pots for a perfect Kenya self drive safaris

car rental with camping equipmentExplore Kenya on a 4×4 rental car or land cruiser with rooftop tent with camping gear from Self drive Kenya. The all inclusive car hire with camping gear/equipment is the perfect way to travel to travel around Kenya. Camp all around Kenya in a 4×4 Toyota Rav4  or land cruiser rental car with a rooftop tent.

Can I also Rent a car/Land cruiser with rooftop tent in Kenya?

Land cruiser with rooftop tentSelf Drive Kenya offers top quality Toyota Land Cruisers with roof tents and camping gear at Competitive rates, for 2 to 4 people. These rooftop tented land cruisers are available in Kenya, and other countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, through our sister companies of  4×4 self drive Uganda4×4 car rental Burundi, Self drive Rwanda. All are well-established 4×4 car rental suppliers in East Africa.

Start your 4×4 Adventure with a land cruiser with rooftop tent and camping gear from Kenya, to Uganda or Tanzania or Rwanda on a one way car rental deal.

What is included in our car rental with rooftop tent and camping equipment or gear?

With all our 4×4 rental cars with rooftop tents & camping equipment/gear package, you have:- mattresses(incase of ground tents), sleeping bags, ground tents or rooftop tents(at an extra cost), kitchen equipment’s, camping tables, camping chairs, gas cans, an Electric cooler box or electric fridge(at an extra price).  Our sleeping bags are made down to keep you warm during the cold nights and months and are available as an extra.

So where can I rent camping equipment or gear I you arrive in Kenya?! Self Drive Kenya has several different options for all different budgets and camping styles from budget to top quality. We are equipped with friendly, helpful staff members who are experts at helping you pick out just the right camping equipment to meet your needs. They know how to use their years of experience and general knowledge of Kenya to give you the best advice possible.