Corona Virus(Covid-19) Current Information in Kenya

Kenya is now open to fully vaccinated visitors. Come & explore Kenya on a self drive safari or drive guided tour on your own or you can hire our experienced drivers from Self drive Kenya.

Covid 19 Health & Safety travel requirements To/From Kenya

All over the globe, measures have been put to fight against the  Covid-19 Pandemic including getting every one vacinnated, frequent washing of hands with soap and water, maintining a distance of 2m apart between two individuals, frequent wearing of masks among others, but it seems like it won’t come to an end so soon.  Besides all this, the question still remains in Kenya as;

“Is It safe to travel in and exit Kenya following the current Covid 19 status in the country?”

Definitely Yes. Kenya is part of the top 80 certified and authorized destinations in the globe that has been allowed to use the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) safe travel signature after attaining the global COVID-19 health and hygiene protocol standards.

The signature recognizes Kenya as a liable safari destination subject to the application of the health and safety protocols.

Kenya Covid-19 Travel Requirements as at 18th  March 2022.

  1. All travelers arriving into Kenya through any point of entry must have a certificate of COVID19 vaccination. The following categories of travelers are exempt from the requirement
    a.Travelers with medical conditions precluding vaccination. Such persons shall be required to provide a letter from a recognized medical practitioner detailing the medical reason precluding vaccination.b. Travelers who have recovered from an active COVID-19 infection or received convalescent plasma in the preceding 90 days. Such persons shall be required to provide a letter from a recognized medical practitioner showing that theperson may have recovered from an active infection in the preceding 90 days.

    c.Returning unvaccinated Kenyans who have difficulty accessing vaccines in their current country of residence. Such persons must be prepared to be vaccinated immediately upon arrival and must register for vaccination on Chanjo-Ke platform before departure. Proof of registration shall be required before entry in to the country.

  1. All travelers coming to Kenya who are fully vaccinated shall be exempt from the requirement of a PCR test.
  2. All eligible unvaccinated travelers arriving at any port of entry into Kenya, must be in possession of a valid COVID-19 negative PCR test certificate conducted within 72 hours before departure regardless of the route of entry. Children below the age of five (5) years are exempt from this requirement.
  3. Unvaccinated travelers arriving at any point of entry shall be subjected to rapid antigen test at their own cost of 30 USD .Any person who test positive on antigen RDT will be subjected to PCR test at their own further cost of 50 USD and self-isolate. Travelers below the age of five (5) years are exempt from this testing requirement.
  4. There will be no paper verification of COVID-19 test results and vaccination certificates upon arrival into Kenya. Airlines should ensure that all travelers have uploaded both documents into global haven before boarding via
  5. Operating crew are exempt from COVID-19 test when on a layover between flights. They must adhere to COVID-19 protocols from airport to hotel/residence and back to airport.
  6. All travelers arriving at any port of entry into Kenya will be required to fill the passenger locator form on the ‘jitenge’ platform. Airlines are advised to allow passengers onboard to use paper passenger locator forms whenever the “jitenge” platform may be down. Port health officers shall clear passengers upon arrival into Kenya.
  7. Passengers travelling out of Kenya will be required to abide by the particular travel, health and COVID-19 related requirements of the destination country.
  8. Pre-departure testing may be considered at the discretion of any of the airlines departing from or terminating in Kenya.
  9. All travelers must obtain their visa in advance, online via:
  10. Unvaccinated travelers will be subject to rapid antigen testing on arrival at a cost of $30. Any positive results will require another PCR Test at a cost of $50 and required to self-isolate



All travelers require a Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

PCR tests are not required unless specified by the airline / final destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the commonly asked questions about visiting Kenya. Our Self Drive Kenya experts who are based in the Kenyan capital city, Nairobi have all the latest updates regarding entering and exploring Kenya today.

Can I Visit Kenya Now?

Yes! You can now enter Kenya if you are fully vaccinated. As of 9 April 2021, all passenger flights, whether commercial or charter, between Kenya and the UK were suspended. The suspension was to be reviewed by the Government of Kenya within 4 weeks.
All passengers coming to Kenya from the UK require a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate and a COVID-19 negative PCR test and must self-isolate on arrival for 7 days. All UK citizens and residents traveling to Kenya from the UK via any route who have a valid COVID-19 PCR test, but do not have a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate, will be subject to 14 days mandatory quarantine on arrival at a Government of Kenya facility at their own cost.

You will need to have a valid passport and a travel visa, a full international vaccination certificate and take 1 PCR test for Covid-19 upon arrival in Kenya. Complete the “Travelers Health Surveillance Form”, Submit to medical screening upon arrival in Kenya,  undergo quarantine if necessary,  You should receive your result within 30minuta-48 hours, and if it is negative, you can continue on your tour of Kenya, Foreign visitors should take the PCR test 96 hours before departure from the first embarkation point. Holders of diplomatic passports should take the PCR test 7 days before arrival.

Are there any covid-19 restrictions I should take when in Kenya?

Self drive Safari-Covid-19There are three must do requirements  in Kenya that are in place to avoid the rampant spread of Covid-19 which include:-

  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
  • Social distancing of 2 meters.
  • Frequent wearing a face mask.

Why Should I visit Kenya?

On a trip to Kenya, you could discover the raw nature that Kenya is so famous for. Imagine seeing volcanoes, waterfalls, beaches, wildlife. Breathe in the fresh, clean air as you roam the wild landscapes.

A self-drive safari in Kenya, offers you everything from white water rafting near Mount Kenya to boarding on the magical Swahili coast, hiking to Mount Kenya Peak on a multiday trek, wildlife viewing across the Masai land of Masai Mara National park and reserve; Visiting Lake Turkana to a camel trek near Laikipia and Samburu. Kenya has it all from dramatic mountains, vibrant deserts, breathtaking Savannah plains and spectacular tropical beaches. All packaged for an ultimate self-drive safari in Kenya

What is the current Covid-19 entry and exit guide lines?

Although the airlines were open to all flights on 1st August 2020, whereas domestic flights in July 2020, there has been questions about the US Citizens’ entry into Kenya? Yes it is now possible for all US citizens to fly into the country and other member countries, only after following the Covid-19 guidelines.

  • Wearing a face mask is a must, when entering public places such as supermarkets and government buildings. Hand sanitizers are placed at the entrance of all commercial buildings so as to always sanitize your hands.
  • All Passenger are allowed to enter in the country, only if the body temperature is not above 37.50C; does not have persistent cough, difficulty in breathing or other flu-like symptoms. However, the Kenyan Government banned all flights from the United Kingdom which started on April 9, 2021.  International flights may be cancelled on short notice.
  • The Passenger should have a negative PCR based covid-19 test conducted within 96 hours, prior to travel. Travelers who do not have these tests done, will not board or enter in the Country. If you enter Kenya overland, crossing the border from Tanzania, you also need to show a negative COVID test.
  • All the incoming travelers are must have a QR code for completed travelers Health surveillance Form.
  • The Ministry of Health launched the trusted travel initiative (TT), whereby the  QR code is for the arriving passenger and the TT code is for departing passengers. Departing Travelers can get the TT code with their test results from accredited lab in any Major Kenya Hospital.
  • All US citizens are exempted from quarantine. For more information, please call the covid-19 Hotline 719
  • Individuals using public or private transport like on self drive or with a driver are required to wear a protective masks.
  • Bars, Hotels, and Restaurants are now Open in cities and towns, but restricted to curfew from 10 PM, by which they must be closed. You will not notice this evening curfew when staying in a hotel or lodge in the safari parks.
    What will happen if Kenya’s Covid-19 guidelines are extended?

We Self-drive Kenya tours and travel consultants will inform you of any changes in the country’s Covid-19 guidelines, should they occur.

If tighter restrictions are put in place in Kenya, we will make adjustments to your itinerary, where necessary. We may amend the existing travel route or make some other changes. You would not be charged any additional fees if rearrangements had to be made.

We will do everything possible to make sure you still have a special travel experience.

Has the Kenyan Government Approved the Covid-19 Vaccine.

Yes, the Kenyan Government has approved Covid-19 vaccines for US citizens to receive which include and OXFORD/ ASTRAZENECA. U.S. citizens are eligible to receive a vaccine only if they are in specific priority groups, including frontline health workers, teachers, and those over 58 years old.

Where can I do My PCR Test when am in Kenya?

  • Covid-19 tests can now be done instantly and the results can be obtained within 48 hours, and can be sent to you by mail. There is no need of making a whole long queue or reserve in advance-but only in urban places including Nairobi, Karen Area, although the most convenient place is at AMREF or WaterFront Mall. Other down town places include Aga Khan, Kenyatta and Nairobi Hospital.
  • And yes, you can also find some lab facilities in Masai Mara and Mombasa
  • Whereas, some Countries require rapid tests(results come out within 30 minutes) before departure, which can only be possible at AMREF Health Africa at 6000 Kenya Shillings, Aga Khan Hospital at 6000 Kenya Shillings and Nairobi West Hospital at 3500 Kenya Shillings
  • NOTE THAT: NAIROBI WEST HOSPITAL is Open 24/7 while others close at 5:00pm, hence you don’t need to make prior appointments.