Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Find answers to frequently asked questions on Insurance, driving license, fuel policy, one way rental, refund & cancellation policy, reservations among others

Kenya is one among Africa’s  top wildlife safari destination, and the best way to discover its diverse attractions is by car. With the current improved infrastructure, and most clients find driving their own adventure, at their own pace and time, offers them incredible opportunities to best explore the country.

Self driving in Kenya gives you the flexibility to travel and see places that are not easily visited on group tours or public transport, like the many National parks, game reserves and the coastal beaches.

Self driving in the wild-Frequently asked QuestionsAlthough self driving offers unforgettable memories, Clients still frequently ask these questions as listed below.

What do I need to rent a car from Self Drive Kenya?

Self Drive Kenya urges each client to come handy with a valid passport, home country driving license to drive not only in Kenya, but also allover East Africa, according to their rental request. All drivers must be above 23 years of age, with atleast 5 years of driving experience. All of these items must be submitted during reservations or on the day of pick up.

Do I also need to carry an International Driving License?

Yes!  Although it is not highly requested. Self drive Kenya urges its clients to car an English International driving License, just to avoid interference by most corrupt police officers who always interrogate travelers so that they can have more money.

Can anyone, apart from the applicant drive the car

Of course yes!

Self drive Kenya allows for an extra driver to drive the car only if you state number of drivers, during the time of reserving the car. Each one stated must also submit a valid driver’s license and a passport on the day the car will be picked up. All the possible drivers must also be present on the day of pick-up.

How many days in advance can I reserve the car?

Self drive Kenya does not limit its customers to the number of days in advance by which the car must be reserved. You can opt to book for a year in advance, 6 months or even 1 day prior to the pick up day, to check if there is any available.

But early booking saves you a lot of time, than last minute bookings.

Can I add more days to the previously stated time

Yes! You can add more to the scheduled number of your rental days you had stated first, during reservations. This can only be achieved if you use the same name, and contact.

While those who already have the car, can extend their rental days, 3 days prior to the end date of returning the car that was first requested.

What are your one way rental costs?

One way rental costs depends on how far the drop off location is from the Office.  Some clients opt to drop the car within Kenya especially at Watamu, Mombasa among others. While others would love to drop the car beyond the Kenyan border, such as, Arusha, Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania, Kigali in Rwanda and Kampala/Entebbe in Uganda.

Can I drive in more than 1 country?

Yes! Self Drive Kenya is  more flexible when it comes to driving beyond the borders of Kenya. We hire out an all terrain Land cruiser that’s capable to handle most East African roads. We also have workshops around East Africa,  that are able and willing to help, incase of any  breakdown.

If the car you are having is beyond repair, then we will send another car to immediately rescue You. This means, you will pay for an extra fuel to bring the car to the place where you are at that moment.

On the other hand, if the problem is frequent yet you are the cause, then we shall assign a new driver to continue with you for the rest of the trip.

What is your cancellation policy

As per Self Drive Kenya cancellation policy, if the booking is cancelled when you have deposited a commitment fee into our company account. We will hold it till the next rescheduled date. Otherwise, Self drive Kenya holds the right to retain it forever.

What is the fuel policy?

As per the Self Drive Kenya fuel policy:

The car will be delivered with fuel that you also have to return in the same manner. Incase you return the car with fuel less than the amount you given on delivery, Self drive Kenya has the right to charge for the difference. That is,     Customer pays for the fuel charges based on the usage.

The customer can make payments directly by cash/card at the time of car pick up by Self Drive Kenya representative.

Can I Return the Car Late?

Each customer is not allowed to drive  out of these hours between 0600hr to 1800 hrs. All customers are supposed to inform Self Drive Kenya in advance about the rental extension. An extension of 60 minutes is accepted with no additional costs, than when it exceeds. This is applicable on both self-drive and chauffeur-drive.

Incase your rental has been extended, then you can just contact us trough or just make a phone call through +254115342989 so that you arrange to pay for the extended extra day. 

What should I do if I damage the car?

Each client who damages the car,  during the rental period, he/she shall be subjected to paying the non Operational charges as partial compensation  for the damage caused regardless of the degree and length of the damage

These charges are far different from the deductible amount paid by the customer in insurance compensation system

What type of Insurance do you offer

Self Drive Kenya’s comprehensive insurance policy on cars covers only head on Collision, and theft for the vehicle. The policy doesn’t cover any damages caused by negligence like;driving under the influence of Alcohol, wheels/trims, cigarette burns, punctures, damage to radio covers, badges passing through water and engine knocking.

The  insurance does not also cover personal life insurance for the customer, as they are advised to come with life insurance policy from their country.

Neither does the insurance policy cover tents and comping gear. The customer shall meet the cost of repairing the rooftop tent or otherwise pay for the entire cost of the rooftop tent as per the manufacture’s quote.

In-case of any accident, the customer should immediately notify the police immediately to ascertain that you have damaged the car, otherwise if it’s damaged by another, make it clear to the police of who caused the damage

Outline your statement with the police to give account of the events which will be base at which the owner will use to claim for insurance.

Can I get a refund if I return the car earlier than the scheduled date of return?