Land Cruiser with Rooftop tent East Africa

Land Cruiser With Rooftop Tent in East Africa: Self drive Kenya hires Land Cruisers  With rooftop tents in Uganda,Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya .We provide you with reliable and comfortable fleet for transportation to reach some of the most beautiful spots of  Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo and Burundi. Drive and tour all day knowing that you can relax later that night in the comfort of your own Land Cruiser with rooftop tent.

We at Self Drive Kenya Car Rental are proud to have Land cruisers with Rooftop Tent vehicles in our 4×4 rental fleet. Our Roof Tent land cruiser rental cars provide our customers the freedom to explore all of what Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania has to offer.

Your self drive safari or road trip is truly on your own time schedule. Sleep under the stars after an exciting day of touring Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda picturesque views.

All our rooftop tents are high quality that we have put on our most popular 4×4 Toyota Land cruiser rental vehicles including Land Cruiser LX, Land cruiser GX, Land Cruiser V8, Land cruiser 78 series, Land Cruiser hardtop, etc.  All these cars are allowed on all African road types so you can enjoy the untouched nature in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo.

Land cruiser 78 series

78 series-Land cruiser with rooftop tent

Land Cruiser Gx

Gx-Land cruiser with rooftop tent

Land cruiser LX

Land Cruiser Old Series

Land cruiser Old series- Land cruiser with rooftop tent

Land cruiser V8

v8-land cruiser with rooftop tent

Land cruiser hardtop

hardtop-land cruiser with rooftop ten

Why rent a Land Cruiser with a  Rooftop Tent rental car from Self Drive Kenya Car Rental?

There are so many benefits to renting a land cruiser with a rooftop tent vehicle. Most rental cars in Africa are 2WD and therefore not suitable for all African roads. All our land cruiser camping rental cars are 4WD/4×4 vehicles that are suitable for all African terrain roads. So it can be driven to places like Dar-es-salaam, Dodoma, Arusha, Ngorongoro, Kisumu, Nairobi, Eldoret, malindi, Mombasa, Kampala, Entebbe, Kigali, Kidepo national Park, Queen Elizabeth National park, Masai Mara National park and reserve,  Serengeti national Park, volcanoes national park, Bwindi National park, Murchison falls national park  etc, and camp there in the camping grounds around Africa.