Tips For Renting A car in Kenya

Tips For Renting A car in Kenya: All You Need To Know before Renting A Car In Kenya

Tips for renting a car in Kenya: Renting a car in Kenya and self-driving is a unique way of exploring Kenya, although there are still some things you need to know before going on a Kenya road trip.

You might be in Kenya, or just planning to come to Kenya either to stay otherwise travel for some days , as you visit many tourist attraction sites like the Masai mara, the Amboseli national Park, Aberdare National parl, OIpejeta, Samburu National game reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha National park, Hells Gate national Park among others.

Kenya is the second biggest country in East Africa after Tanzania, and with its wide population, you will find almost no land to settle in, but with many interesting destinations that are worth visiting. This alone provides absolute freedom of going on road trips and planning your own travel itineraries, that makes sense for solo travelers, or couples, even groups to rent a car so as to stop anywhere they  liked — exploring local villages, mountains, beaches and historic cities at their own  pace.

Despite the reputation for crazy driving (and drivers), you will absolutely love traveling in Kenya on a self-drive or guided holiday

Tips For Renting acar in kenya

Below are some important tips renting a car Kenya, to help you save money and stay safe while driving here!

Kenya Travel Restrictions  to travelers coming to Kenya 2022


Kenya is now open to all travelers including American tourists. However, all you need is proof of your COVID-19 vaccination(s) or a negative test result before being allowed entry.

Many hotels, attractions, and private tours are open with new health & safety protocols in place, and you still have to follow certain guidelines.

You can find the latest updates on traveling to Kenya from

How To Rent A Car In Kenya Guide

  1. Renting A Car For A Solo or group in Kenya ?

If you are a fun of a minibus, Land cruiser extended, safari Land cruiser, by all means, You will have to hire a driver guide as well. It’s a decent way to see many destinations in Kenya if you don’t have a lot of time.

No planning, no driving, just sit back and let someone else do all the work!,

But if you’re traveling Solo, you prefer the challenge of independent travel which provides the true exploration, with no set schedule or timetable.

You will drive around many  Kenya destinations with the freedom to stop anywhere fun you happen to find as you drive around,  discovering places off-the-beaten path — that bus tours might miss.

If that’s the kind of traveler you want to be, then rent a car in Kenya is the way to go!

Another interesting bit of having a rental car is the ability to store luggage in the trunk, so you can explore cities with small travel backpacks rather than carrying  luggage and huge suitcase everywhere.

  1. Where To Rent Your Car In Kenya

The best site to book your car is They have a wide selection of 4×4 rental fleets; Land cruiser Tx/Tz,  4×4 safari Land Cruiser extended, Land cruiser Lx, Nissan X-trail, Safari mini vans, coaster vans  and the Toyota Rav4 to help you enjoy your adventure at its best. This is the easiest way to rent a car in Kenya.

At Self drive Kenya, you get to enjoy more deals like car rental with rooftop tent, long term rentals, car hire with camping gear, car hire with pop up roof for game viewing and renting a car on one way basis, where there is no need to return the car at the Initial position, where you picked it from.

Some of my the favorite Kenyan drives so far are; exploring the beautiful Lake Nakuru for birding, visiting the Masai mara for the Big five, while around the city, you can visit the Sheldrick Elephant trust and the Giraffe Monor so as to get near the Giraffes and an epic photography road trip along the rift valley plains and the Mombasa beaches.

  1. Car Rental Insurance In Kenya

Most Kenya companies out of which is part, have their fleet  insured under a policy of motor vehicle insurance as per the kenya Insurance act. The Insurance only covers head collision, theft and fire for the car, but not personal life insurance for the person renting the car, therefore you are urged to come handy with life insurance from your home country.

However this same Insurance does not cater for any damage caused by negligence

such as driving when drunk, wheels/trims, cigarette burns, Tyres, tools, windscreen, side mirrors or any burned vehicle part to the interior of the vehicle, radio /MP4 screen, reversing camera, lights, body parts, engine parts or any other parts related to the vehicle accessories etc, are not covered by insurance and is the full responsibility of the hirer for any loss of any damage to the vehicle, plus

actual towing storage impound and other related expenses. If at all the vehicle is driven under your driver’s negligence: you shall be debited for any damage caused to the engine/ battery, radiator or cylinder head due to your negligence.

When you meet an accident, you are urged to instantly  notify the police in-case it is another party’s guilt is to be ascertained, or if any person is injured.  This is because it  is the operator who will claim the insurance for the damages caused to the car.  Most of the excess insurance charged by tour operator companies , usually depend on the type of car say;

Toyota Rav4 USD 500

Land cruiser Prado TZ & TX 1500 USD

Luxury jeeps: LX 7.0 Series, V8, GX, TXL land cruisers Excess insurance is $ 2000USD.

The hirer will comply with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and pay the owner any excess in the event of the claim

Rooftop Tents and camping gears are also not part of the insurance in case of any damage, therefore client shall pay an amount similar to the manufacturer price of $1000

     4.Gas Prices

Gas (petrol) prices in Kenya keep on fluctuating, depending on situations. Currently in Kenya the fuel seem expensive to locals, but remember that the rest of the world quotes gas in Liters, not Gallons. The prices as of June 20th 2022, gas costs about $5.129 per gallon ($1.355 per liter) while diesel is , $4.516 per gallon ($1.193 per liter), hence a Diesel car will always save you some money on gas.

     5.Automatic vs Manual

In most cases, Automatic cars are more expensive to rent in Kenya than manual cars, which you must specify what type you want when reserving.

And if you have never driven a manual jeep before, then don’t hesitate to hire one in Kenya, but otherwise, you can hire a driver with knowledge of a manual. However, it is more safe to get an automatic, even if it costs more.

       6.One-Way Rentals

In most cases, most clients prefer to pick their rental cars from either Jommo Kenyatta international Airport or hotel of their residence, and return to the same spot after their road trip, while others would love to go one way, that the destination of pick up is different from the drop off point, which then calls for a one way additional fee for one way car rental. These fees are even more expensive if you want to drop the car off in a different country like Tanzania or Uganda because, you will need to Pay for the cross border license — which can add a few hundred USD to actual price.

      6. Book In Advance

It is always advisable to book the car  early enough, prior to the arrival date/pick up date so as to get a good deal especially if you want to travel to popular destinations. Six months early seems to be the sweet spot for the best rates.

Consider going on your Kenya road trip during the peak tourist seasons, or off-season to get affordable rental car rates.

When crossing the border from Kenya to Tanzania, or Kenya to Uganda by car, the rental companies often charge a fee (COMESA charge) to cross borders with the cars, ranging between $50 to $200.

      7.Rental Car Requirements In Europe

Self Drive Kenya like any other car rental company in Kenya has their own rules when it comes to renting a car  for self drive or with a driver.  We usually just want the driver to be at least 21 years of age, photocopy a valid passport and your home English driver’s license, although the International driving license would be much better.

      8. Driving Laws Tourists Should Know

In Kenya, Driving is always on the left, therefore it’s illegal to make a right turn on red lights, and it is always advisable you observe the road rules and the lights. Before you start driving in Kenya, research the meanings of different street signs

    Traffic Camera Speed Traps

Although many countries have automatic traffic cameras, Kenya today relies on both the automatic traffic cameras to enforce their speed limits and the highway patrol officers. Therefore proper driving and keen following of the traffic rules will save few expensive speeding tickets!

    Children’s Car Seat Requirements

If you’re coming on a self drive road trip with young kids, make sure to rent or bring your own child seat or booster seat. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 are required to use an appropriate restraint in cars.

     9.Extra Advice For Renting A Car In Europe

Parking can be a pain in Nairobi city and other buzy towns of Eldoret, Nakuru, Mombasa, Malindi among others, as there usually isn’t a lot of space (if any at all). Therefore rent Self drive Kenya  4×4 cars to make parking easier, and parking on the outskirts of large cities.

Don’t book our cars without reading company rules and regulations.

Use Google Maps on your smartphone for directions. Bring your own hands-free adapter and buy a Kenyan SIM card for your phone at the airport. Just be aware that Google Maps isn’t always accurate some times.

    10.Accident & Breakdown Information

The Kenya Emergency Phone Number is 112, or 911, or 999.

However if your car simply breaks down, and no one is injured, its probably better to call us because you are guaranteed a 24/7 road assistance

Lastly, enjoy your Kenyan road trip with Self drive Kenya, as you proceed to explore small villages, ancient castles, lush mountains of Kenya, and coastal areas of Kenya in our rental car which is definitely the right choice for us.

Contact Self Drive Kenya by emailing us at:, or call/WhatsApp us on +254 115342989

Self-drive road trips allow you to get off the beaten track to see things a lot of  people miss!