Long term car rental And Hire in Kenya.

Self Drive Kenya offers flexible, convenient and cost effective long-term rental and hire in Kenya for a week, a month, a year or longer.

Land cruiser for long term car rental-Long term car rental and hire in KenyaHere at Self Drive Kenya, we offer flexible and appropriate long term car rental and Car hire in Nairobi, Kenya. Our 4×4 rental cars are perfect for driving through Kenya, and depending on your car rental choice, also venturing through the more remote highlands of Kenya. If you are settled in Kenya and need a long term car rental and car hire in Kenya, Contact as at info@selfdrivekenya.com.

Our long term car rental and hire service is ideal for those looking to rent a car for a week, a month, a year or Longer. Kenya makes an excellent travel destination for both short and long term holidays or road trips, which is why we have established long term car rental and hire opportunities in Kenya.

We offer competitive price rates to ensure you receive your 4×4 rental car that is excellent value for your money. Each rental car in our extensive fleet of highly reliable and quality vehicles  are available for long term car rental and hire. From small compact cars to 24 seater. We guarantee that we have the perfect rental car for you.

Self drive Kenya also offers long term car rental and hire to Business travelers, NGO’s, Private agencies, Government agencies, exploration companies among others.

Our Long Term rentals includes:- Comprehensive insurance against theft, fires and accidents; Maintenance cost and Vehicle replacement

At Self drive Kenya, you can also upgrade your vehicle for a fair cost and enjoy the flexibility and freedom of having relevant vehicle for various occasions. We also offer backup car free of charge, incas the vehicle gets damaged.