1 Day Ultimate Nairobi City Self drive Safari Kenya 2022/24

Explore Nairobi on a 1 day ultimate Nairobi city self drive safari to Nairobi National Park, to sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage,  Kenya National museum, Giraffe center, then to the Bomas of Kenya.

1 Day Nairobi City Safari Tour –  Nairobi is one of the largest and fastest growing cities with many attractions in Kenya, Africa. The city is  now a hub for different races, tribes and cultures, as it offers a couple of sight seeing tours and excursions; sporting activities like golf, rugby and cricket; shops and dining-for a taste of both local and international cuisines.

Planning your Kenyan self drive safari trip to Nairobi for a 1 day tour, will require a driver to drive along with you, for the sake of time, convenience and safety, so that you can make most of your day a memorable one. Seeing the city with a driver/chauffeur guide is the best way to explore Nairobi, so as to a void inconveniences from the traffic.

Nairobi City offers self drive or guided safari tours and excursions. The city also offers short tours to Canivore dinner, Karen Blixen Museum, Nairobi National Park, Bomas of Kenya, Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe center, Nairobi National Museum among others, not forgetting the ultimate Nairobi City walk to learn about the traditional Kenyan cultures and histories.

A 1 day Nairobi Safari tour with Self Drive Kenya provides by no means a comprehensive list of things to do, while in the City, which may also give you opportunities to extend your stay in Nairobi city. These activities will give you a good starting point for planning your self drive safari in Nairobi.

1 Day Nairobi City  Safari Tour Itinerary With self Drive Kenya

This 1 day Nairobi city tour starts with a morning visit to Nairobi National Park | Kenya Wildlife Service (kws.go.ke) to look out for wildlife including black rhinos, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, baboons, zebras, eland, hippos, buffalo, wildebeest, waterbuck, leopards, and hundreds of bird species. Alternatively, the park also offers other opportunities such as traditional game drives, safari walks and some people can even spend a night at the park.

After here, you will then proceed to Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Haven for Elephants & Rhinos-home or Orphaned Elephants. You will encounter a number of elephants who were rescued at attender age, and are fed to Maturity, before they are sent into the wild.1 day nairobi safari tour

Your 1 day city tour continues to Nairobi National Museum, which covers the Kenyan history and Culture. The Museum also offers other attractions including;- Snakes at the Nairobi snake Park, botanical garden , crafts shop etc.

From the Museum, you may opt for lunch enroute, or drive to the nearby restaurant for affine lunch break, before you proceed to the Giraffe Center, for a close encounter with the humble Rothschild Giraffes. These giraffes, can accept kisses from human, and can easily feed from human hands.

In case you still have time, you can make the last visit to the Bomas of Kenya. A tourist village where you can learn more interesting stories about traditional Kenyan culture by experiencing their day today living lifestyles, crafts, music, and dancing.


Other Alternative places to visit while in Nairobi include; Karen Blixen Museum, Utamaduni Craft center, Mamba village for Nile crocodiles, Masai Market, Shopping malls, Marula Studios, City Market, Uhuru Mall, Karura Forest Reserve, Central Park, Kibera tour-visiting one of the largest urban slums in Africa.