Land cruiser With rooftop tent and Camping Gear Rental in Kenya

Hard top-land cruiser with rooftop tent and camping gearLand Cruiser with Rooftop tent & Camping gear in Kenya: Are you planning on taking a self drive trip in Kenya, or maybe you want to go on a holiday and camping vacation? If so, Hire a 4×4 Land Cruiser with a rooftop tent and camping gear. Self drive Kenya offers land cruisers with either a single or double rooftop tents-each accommodating two passengers, including Land cruiser LX with double rooftop tent, Land cruiser 78 series with a double rooftop tent; Land cruiser GX with double rooftop tent; Land cruiser v8 with a sing rooftop tent; land cruiser hard top with one rooftop tent; Renting a land cruiser with a rooftop tent and camping gear in Kenya could make your self drive camping adventure safari a memorable one.

Camping Gear/Equipment from Self Drive Kenya

We can equip your  Land cruiser with a rooftop tent, and a full set of quality camping gear.

Our full set of Camping gear in Kenya include
A water proof tent(for those without rooftop tents )
Sleeping mattresses(for those without rooftop tents)
Clean Sleeping bags
Camping Chair(s)
Camping table(s)
Lamp (s)/torch
Kitchen equipment
Storage box
Electric cooler box (Upon request at an additional cost)
Electric fridge(upon request at an additional cost)
Gas Cylinder
10L/20L Jerrycan (on request)
Water Jug

Why rent a 4×4 land cruiser with rooftop tent and camping gear with Self drive Kenya?

Self Drive Kenya will help you plan your next camping experience making things easy for you, so you can fully enjoy the experience of being in the great outdoors of Kenya. We can deliver the Rooftop tent car  with camping gear to you or you can pick up the Rooftop ten land cruiser with camping gear at few selected Kenya locations and designated pick up points. Self Drive Kenya owns a selection of Land cruisers with its rooftop tents and camping gear/equipment for you to use and enjoy on your next camping adventure.